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The perfect cookbooks of 2023 up to now

Ravinder Bhogal, a culinary artist and the mind behind the renowned restaurant Jikoni, traces her passion for vegetables back to her childhood days in Kenya. Raised by Indian parents, Bhogal was captivated by the lush produce of local women farmers and the abundant harvest from her grandfather’s garden, which she describes as an “Edenic” allotment. In her vibrant and engaging vegetarian cookbook, Bhogal shares this deep-rooted love for vegetables, emphasizing that they are the heart and soul of any kitchen, offering endless opportunities for culinary exploration. The recipes within the book reflect her multicultural upbringing in London, showcasing a rich tapestry of flavors and influences. From hot and sour sweetcorn risotto with lime leaf butter to mango and ‘golden coin’ curry, each dish insists on being savored and shared. Bhogal’s cookbook transcends easy categorization, offering fresh, inventive, and cross-cultural recipes penned with warmth and love, making her a unique presence in the culinary world.

Noteworthy Recipe: Sweet and sour dal with chickpea flour pasta rags.

Surprising Revelation: Lime leaf salt can dramatically transform the flavor of a tomato salad.

Published by Bloomsbury, available from Bloomsbury (£26).

Expanding Flavor Horizons

Niki Segnit, celebrated author of “The Flavour Thesaurus,” returns with her third book, delving into the world of plant-based flavor combinations. With a focus on exploring the hows and whys of flavor pairings, Segnit invites readers on a journey of culinary discovery. While her writing is as beautiful, lively, and humorous as ever, this book serves as a scholarly resource for those eager to deepen their understanding of flavor. From Neri miso—a blend of miso, honey, and water or sake, offering a perfect balance of salt and sweetness—to insights into culinary history, such as the rise of barley coffee in wartime Italy, Segnit’s book is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts.

Notable Recipe: Neri miso.

Fascinating Fact: During World War II, shortages of bean coffee in Italy led to the popularity of barley coffee.

Published by Bloomsbury, available from Blackwells, releasing on May 11 (£20).

Embracing Culinary Heritage

Claire Ptak, the mastermind behind East London’s Violet Bakery and a former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, presents a stunning tribute to her culinary journey in her latest cookbook. Divided to reflect the dual influences of her Californian roots and English upbringing, Ptak’s book is a celebration of seasonal ingredients and artisanal baking. From black tea poppy seed muffins to apricot, chamomile, and honey scones, each recipe tells a story of Ptak’s culinary adventures and pays homage to her favorite growers. With plenty of tips to boost confidence and refine technique, Ptak’s cookbook is a must-have for baking enthusiasts.

Irresistible Recipe: Pistachio green plum cake with candied violets.

Did You Know?: Andy Warhol once illustrated an etiquette expert’s cookbook, inspiring Ptak’s book title.

Published by Square Peg, available from Blackwells (£22).

Exploring Diverse Cuisines

Uyen Luu, a food writer, photographer, and supper club chef, unveils a magnificent cookbook celebrating Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine. With a focus on harmonizing sweet, sour, hot, umami, and bitter flavors, Luu’s book offers a delightful array of recipes that promise to tantalize the taste buds. From dumplings to fried bánh canh noodles, each dish is a testament to Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage and Luu’s innovative approach to cooking. With joyful writing and zestful recipes, Luu invites readers to savor both traditional favorites and contemporary creations.

Exciting Recipe: Green papaya salad with pomelo, apple, and artichoke.

Fun Fact: In Vietnam, asking “how are you” translates to “have you eaten rice yet?”

Published by Hardie Grant, available from Waterstones (£25).

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